180 Best Airline Company Names Ideas

When starting a business, one of the first decisions you will have to make is what to name it. It is a critical step towards the success of your airline company. If you don’t choose wisely, you could end up wasting time and money. In addition, you might even run into legal issues.

Sure, it can be difficult to come up with a catchy airline company name, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind to get it right.

  • You need a memorable airline company name if you want to stand out from the crowd. A good business name is essential to building brand recognition and establishing trust.
  • It’s crucial to pick a name that resonates with products or services. In other words, it should convey a message about what you do.

Never pick a random airline company name hoping it would stick. Many businesses have been named incorrectly and they suffered as a result.

Airline Company Names

  • Dreamland Airlines
  • Parana Jet Set
  • Sky View Airlines
  • Outer Space
  • Porter Line
  • Lux West Airlines
  • World Elite
  • Jet2 Airways
  • Alex Airline
  • Salvo Technologies
  • The Narrow Flying
  • Special Deal
  • Crown Aviation
  • Pfizer Tern
  • Fly Over
  • Lufthansa Group
  • Tourism Help
  • Book Flight
  • Positive Dash
  • Skyway Group
  • Air Shuttle South
  • Flight Choice
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Air Jets Sky Zone
  • Karma Air Airlines
  • Yogi Airlines
  • Cleveland Sky Harbor
  • Aero Flow Airlines
  • U Fly Airlines
  • Ironclad Air

What are some good airline company names?

  • Deep Space Innovations
  • Sharp Wings
  • Sun West Airline
  • My Away Plane
  • Aero Flow Airways
  • Forward Flight
  • Rocket Ready
  • Air France 1 Skies
  • Shift Airways.
  • Hightail Demo
  • Space Safe
  • Space Tech
  • Dawn Blue Aviation
  • Starlight Skypes
  • Tower Aviation
  • Ovation Air
  • Onboard Plan
  • The Subsequent Jet
  • Assured Atmosphere
  • Frequent Traveler
  • Flight News
  • Nonstop Trip
  • Aeronautical Flights
  • Tactical Takeoff
  • Tropicana Airlines
  • Fly Jet Air
  • Mikasa Air
  • Top Takeoff
  • Defense Engineering
  • Sky Riders

Funny Airline Company Names

  • Arrow Air Express
  • Speed Trajectory Spot
  • We Know Aero
  • Global Traveler
  • Primero Avionics
  • Rainbow Cloud Flying
  • Travel Comfort
  • Homeland Secure
  • Dominion Aerospace
  • Regal Technologies
  • Arrive Safe
  • West Airline
  • Front Desk
  • Infinito Aerospace
  • Aero Fly Airways
  • Sky Train America
  • Sky Peak Airlines
  • Aero Alliance
  • West Jet Airlines
  • Airway Moment
  • Ready Rocket
  • Airspace Express
  • Premiere Protection
  • Falcon Airlines
  • Cleveland Jet Way

Airline Company Names Ideas (Infographic)

Flight Company Names

  • Aden Airways
  • Easy Flight
  • Passenger Cave
  • Dynamic Defense
  • Air Innovations
  • Copperfield Technologies
  • Sunrise Air
  • Speed Flight
  • Reach Destination
  • Cairo Airlines
  • Air Surprise
  • Jet Bridge
  • The Arms Trade
  • Flight Mode
  • Luxembourg Airline
  • Capable Craft
  • Omega Fly
  • Guest Travel
  • Extreme Sky Tours
  • Travel Blessing

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How to Name Your Airline company

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect name for your new venture:

Introduction: What makes a good business name?

  1. A good business name conveys an idea about your business.
  2. You must pick a unique and memorable name.
  3. It needs to be easy for people to pronounce.

Check out these airline company names and see if they are easy to remember and easy to pronounce:

  • Royal Thai Airlines
  • Alaska Air Shuttle
  • Jet Blue Budget
  • Homeland Innovations
  • Novar Technology
  • Smart Wing
  • Jet Team
  • Aeroflow Away
  • Fly Experience
  • Plane America
  • Speedy Airlines
  • Eminence Avionics
  • Pic Aircraft
  • Jamaica Airlines
  • Travel Recommend

Research: How to do your research and find the right name

There are a few different ways to go about this. First, there are online resources that can help you with your research. Secondly, you can use free online name generators to come up with airline company name ideas for you. You can also hire someone to do this for you.

These are the words related to airline you could search too:

  • Air passenger carrier
  • Air service
  • Air shuttle
  • Air taxi
  • Charter airline
  • Commercial airline
  • Commuter airline

Brainstorming: Generating airline company name ideas and narrowing them down.

Do your research. Read through potential airline company name ideas and see if any of them sound appealing to you. Think about what you want to get out of your new business and see if any of the names are related.  If so, then write down all of your ideas on a piece of paper. Do not limit yourself to just one idea. You can always change your mind later, but knowing exactly which business names you like will make it easier to narrow down the list and choose the best name for your business. What do you think of these airline company names?

  • Spirit Airlines
  • Ace Falcon
  • Solo Airways
  • Peak Airlines
  • Peak Airways
  • Aero Flow Group
  • Allied Aero
  • Flight Secrets
  • Aero Defense
  • Aero Flow Jets
  • Star Point Air
  • Aero Flow Adventures
  • Omega Airways
  • Exotic Airline
  • Stingray Airways
  • Volts Aerospace
  • Defense Strategies
  • Libero Avionics
  • Redwood Sky Club

Legal: Making sure the name is available and protecting it

Before you finalize a name for your airline company, make sure that it is available. There are a number of ways to do this. First, check the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website to see if there are any trademarks on the name you want to use. The Second is to check with the local registrar of trademarks for your state. Third, you can check online to see if the name is protected by an active trademark. Once you have found a cool airline company name idea, make sure to trademark it.

  • My Away Plane
  • Dream Away Jet
  • Flyaway Phoenix
  • First Choice Jet
  • Apogee Airlines
  • Skyview Aviation
  • Purolator Airways
  • Dream Away Plane
  • Air Karma Airways
  • Dream away Airlines
  • Go Fly Away
  • Allegiant Air
  • Aero flow Airlines
  • Dream On Air
  • Air Canada Plus
  • Globe Away
  • Dream Aircraft

Marketing: Using the name to create a brand

You can choose a name that will help you create a brand, which is important because you want your business to stick in people’s minds. This helps you in marketing efforts and making a brand over time. Think of famous brands like Google, Apple, and Coca-Cola. Their names are so well known that they instantly bring up a picture in anyone’s head when they hear them. You can apply this to your airline company.

  • Chase Flyaway
  • Aero One Extra
  • Red Wing Flying Club
  • Intracoastal Jet
  • Bridals To Canada
  • JetBlue Away
  • Innova Airlines
  • Vegas Vacations
  • Air Travel Xpress
  • Sun Country Airways
  • Piedmont Airlines
  • Flight Destination
  • Jet World
  • Space Strength
  • Charter Airways
  • Aero Force One

Conclusion: Weighing all the factors and making a decision

In short, you’ll want your business name to describe what the service or product is. Make sure to pick an attractive yet simple and memorable airline company name.

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