430 Unique and Attractive Rave Party Names

Do you plan to throw a rave party soon? If yes, then you might be looking for some cool rave party names. Well, here’s a list of cool rave party names to help you come up with something unique and memorable.

You may be wondering whether it’s possible to create a successful rave party. After all, raves were once considered illegal and dangerous. But thanks to the efforts of promoters, DJs, and artists, the rave scene has changed drastically since the 1980s. Today, raves are widely accepted and celebrated events. They are now held regularly around the globe.

Rave parties are usually organized by clubs, bars, and venues. These places hire professional DJs to play music during these parties. The DJ plays different genres of music ranging from house, techno, trance, drum ‘n bass, and others.

In addition to music, the venue provides various activities including dancing, drinking, and partying. In fact, raves are known for being extremely fun and exciting. They are also known for bringing together friends and family members.

However, throwing a successful rave party requires planning ahead. Before you actually host your event, you need to decide on a theme, set a budget, and select a location. Once you’re ready, you can start searching for a suitable name for your rave party.

A good name can help promote your event and attract more attendees. Finding a name that fits your theme and conveys the vibe of your party can be challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve compiled a list of awesome rave party names to help give you some inspiration.

So, without any more delay, let‘s dive right in.

Attractive Rave Party Names

  • Event Rebel
  • Zero Point Music
  • Legends Event Center
  • Upbeat Events
  • Monster Mash
  • Rave Cloud
  • On The Coast
  • Space Odyssey
  • Rave Bold
  • Festival Rebel
  • Rave Envision
  • The Circus Festival
  • Metered Muse Fest
  • Kunal Sound Masters
  • Audio Affairs
  • Always Festive
  • The Riley Center
  • Wonderland Rave
  • Rave Axen
  • Wavemakers Music Fest
  • Mash Italia
  • Under The Tent
  • Funked Up
  • Rave Mystic
  • Inhale
  • Func Prism
  • Opera Occasion
  • Raveable
  • Funkestia
  • Funkxx
  • Music And Madness
  • Bingo And Bowls
  • Princessparty
  • Fiesta Fest
  • Lucid Rave
  • River Float Fest
  • Fever Fest
  • Party Favors
  • Twilight Tandoor
  • Rave Able
  • Ultra Range Musicfest
  • Everlast
  • Cool Rave, Drool Daze
  • The Veg Tickle
  • Ace Of Raves
  • Sunset Skill Set
  • Salad Stomp
  • Seastar Fest
  • Eden Rave
  • Nomad Music

Unique Rave Party Names

Here are some unique rave party names you can use:

  • Azure Rave
  • Foreverfree Festival
  • Good Vibrations
  • Nightiva
  • Rave Ocean Wavers
  • Ultimate Skybox
  • Synthesize
  • Nightya
  • Festival Formen
  • Snackhack
  • Acapella Festivals
  • Beats For Breakfast
  • Wild Appaloosa Music Fest
  • Green Music Hub
  • Platinum Night
  • Pan Fry Panache
  • Barbarossa Lounge
  • Pickled Phantom
  • Rave Xanadu
  • Followers Fest
  • Vintageer Sounds
  • Walnut Loft
  • Hawaiian Night
  • Ravezilla
  • Dance Evolution
  • Ravelia
  • Tonight Is The Night
  • Beachside Fest
  • Orchestral Merriments
  • Georgia Techno
  • Funky Fest
  • Folk Vibes
  • Rave Dome
  • Event-Lover
  • Bigsounds
  • Music In The Valley
  • Ten Thirty Eight
  • Nightsy
  • Zion Night
  • Rave Bloom
  • Hex Night
  • Brain Music
  • Successval Fest
  • Rave Dreamland
  • Rave Riot
  • Rave Best
  • The Jolly Spot
  • Ravewind
  • Rave Blink
  • Hillside Music Festival

Catchy Rave Party Name Ideas

  • Audio Waves Festival
  • Rate Of Resonance
  • Around The World
  • Hollapalooza
  • Story Book Romance
  • Rave Catalyst
  • White Jade
  • Hawaiian Paradise
  • Rave Everlast
  • Caterpillars To Butterflies
  • Vodka Volume
  • Stairave To Heaven
  • Square Eights
  • Loaded Down
  • Acoustic Energy
  • Vintageer Events
  • Jingle Fiesta
  • Sharpshooters
  • Grillesta
  • Rave Matrix
  • Rave Born
  • Party Gurus
  • River Valley Festival
  • Salami Serenade
  • Rave Anything
  • Nightlia
  • Rave Arid
  • Modulation
  • Music Mastered
  • Blackbox Music Festival
  • Heritage Night Rave
  • Mad Masquerave
  • Rave Ark
  • Forest Beats
  • Moonlit Evening
  • Kuunella
  • Nightgenix
  • Drunk Drumbeat
  • Mashed Night
  • Escucha
  • Rave Nexus
  • A Silver Star Events
  • Night Pulse
  • Summertime Sadness
  • Waiting For Tonight
  • Transient Freedom Fest
  • Sonic Maximal Sound
  • Raveonus
  • Riot Night

What are some good rave party names?

A rave party name should reflect the type of experience you want to provide. If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, consider choosing a name that includes a word that describes the mood of the event.

Here are some great rave party names that you can use for inspiration:

  • Rave Fine, Cloud Nine
  • Rise Festival
  • Rave Lazarus
  • Quantum Rock Music Festival
  • Unhinged
  • Nightorzo
  • Pulsify Fest
  • Moonlight And Roses
  • The Larchmont
  • Ravish Raveish
  • Lavender Isles
  • Rave Omega
  • Music Distortion
  • Iconic Rave
  • Rave Collaborate
  • A Night Of Mystery
  • Rave Crowd
  • The Paddock
  • Music Tyrant
  • Craft Juice
  • Kingdom Of Rave
  • Down In The Valley
  • Jazz Capsule
  • Festivscape
  • Glastonbury
  • Moonlight Beats
  • No Filter Festival
  • Acoustic Amusements
  • Daytoremember
  • Moving Beats
  • Rave Nirvana
  • Dance City
  • Soundx
  • Rave Archive
  • Rave Days
  • Tomorrow Land
  • In The Clouds
  • Cosmos & Cauldrons
  • Regal Gateway
  • Nightology
  • Dance Helios
  • Trident
  • By The Water
  • Night Of The Raveioli
  • Rave Elysian
  • Casino Night
  • Chill Vibez Music
  • Rockin’ Rollick
  • Popzilla
  • Funk Fisheye

Funny Rave Party Names

Funny Rave Party Names

Raves are parties where people dance to electronic music. If you’re planning one, make sure you pick a best name that will stand out among the rest.

Here are some funny rave party names to choose from:

  • Ant Street Inn
  • Creamfields
  • Cosmos And Caldrons
  • Musical Merrymaking
  • Booty Ball
  • Indie Avalanche
  • Glow Party Venue
  • On The Rocks
  • Superfest
  • Rave Dreamworld
  • Mystical Twilight
  • Ravezoid
  • Underwater Paradise
  • Ravefy Nightify
  • Rambling Rave Up
  • Omega Night
  • Ravepa
  • King’s Music Night
  • Stomping Grounds
  • Forever Festival
  • Rave Blox
  • Musical Madness
  • The Contiuum
  • Sound Freedom
  • Tug And War Festival
  • Comic City Capers
  • Primary Scene Festival
  • Friendly Fields
  • Happy Room
  • Funk Savage
  • Rave Bard
  • The Danceoff
  • Ice To See You 2022
  • Funky Playhouse
  • Move To The Rhythm
  • Somethin’ Dishy
  • Beatnik Summer Festival
  • Gathering Of The Bands
  • Surrender
  • Remix Refest
  • Dance Zone

Rave Party Theme Names

  • Heaven In Your Eyes
  • A Touch Of Class
  • Let it Done
  • Denim And Diamonds
  • Annual Edition Festival
  • Come All Festivals
  • Rave Blaster
  • Holiday Party
  • Chamber 3
  • Club Corp Venues
  • Festival Facilitators
  • The Thursday Club
  • Interface Music Festival
  • Dance Archilles
  • Raveiva
  • Rockin’ Jokers
  • Nightscape
  • Riverside Sounds
  • Mughal Maven
  • Winter Formals
  • Funk Wrangler
  • Return To Copacabana
  • Pop Supreme
  • Loud Rotation
  • Outdoor Oasis
  • Gateway Center
  • Sunset Serenade
  • Rave Primed
  • Rave Lucid
  • A Night In The Office
  • Meat Monarchs
  • Ravester
  • Moonlight Dance Festival
  • Abode In The Dark
  • Ravelaza
  • Jumpstart Night
  • Arcadia Rave
  • Funk Binge
  • Chummies And Tummies
  • Song And Dance Fest

Rave Group Names

  • Eternal Party
  • It’s The Rave Night
  • Fusion Boozing’
  • Chord Planet Fest
  • Fun Fest
  • Ravex
  • Rave Atto
  • Melancholy Sounds
  • Amplify Me
  • Rave Capital
  • Transcend Music Festival
  • A Fright Night
  • Transcend Music Fest
  • The Big Fiesta
  • Rave Divine
  • Forest Spirit Trance
  • Rave Hex
  • Rat Rave
  • Funknest
  • Outdoor Amplitude
  • Rave Horizon
  • The Expansion Art Festival
  • Stereo Shining
  • Nexus Rave
  • Boozy Musicology
  • Seaside Town Festival
  • Cultural Gathering
  • Electric Harmony
  • Green Setting Festivals
  • Cosmos Concerto
  • The Village Venue
  • Nighttastic
  • Blues Fest On Main
  • Food Picasso
  • Frequency Night
  • Pave The Rave Cave
  • Silver Sun Fest
  • Rockin’ Jokers
  • Paradise Party
  • Thepartybay

Rave Party Names Ideas (Infographic)

How To Name Your Rave Party?

A rave party needs a rave party permit to operate legally. There are many ways to make sure you’re covered. Don’t forget about the insurance and the music licensing.

Choose something short and memorable.

Your rave party business needs a name. You want it to be catchy, unique, and memorable. But how do you go about choosing one? Here are some tips to help you choose a name for your rave party business. Choose something short and memorable. If you’re thinking “Rave Party Business,” you’ve already got a great start. Keep reading for more suggestions.

Think outside the box. When naming your rave party business, think outside the box. Don’t just use words that people might associate with your industry; try to come up with names that are unusual and creative.

  • Inn On The River
  • The Promised Land
  • Rave Eden
  • Martinis At Midnight
  • Leeds Festival
  • Bake O’ Holics
  • Rave Champion
  • Headbangers Fest
  • Grounded Sounds
  • Multitrack Live
  • Greek Gala
  • The Wanderers Festival
  • Cello Celebration

Make it easy to remember. To make sure people will remember your rave party business name, make sure it’s easy to spell and pronounce. Consider adding numbers or punctuation marks to make it easier for people to say out loud. Also, avoid using abbreviations because they won’t stand out in conversations.

Don’t copy someone else’s name.

People often confuse businesses with similar names. So, it’s best to avoid copying another business’ name. However, there are exceptions. Sometimes, you may find it necessary to copy another business’ name if you plan to open multiple locations. In those cases, make sure you clearly distinguish your location(s).

Consider trademarking your name.

Trademarking your name gives you exclusive ownership over your brand. This protection helps prevent others from using your name without permission. Before registering your name as a trademark, check with your local government to see whether anyone else has registered it. If so, you’ll need to pay a fee to register your business name.

Be creative!

Your rave party business needs a catchier name. You want something memorable that will attract customers. But you don’t want to use a generic name like “Party Rave.” Or one that sounds like it belongs to another type of event altogether, such as “Rave Party,” “Ravers’ Party,” or “Rock ‘n Roll Dance Party.”

Make sure your name isn’t just too long or too short. If it’s too long, people might misspell it. If it’ s too short, people won’ t remember it. So make sure your name fits within a certain length range. For example, you could choose a name that’s 12 letters long. People are less likely to mispronounce a shorter name. And if you go over 15 letters, people might think it’s a brand name.

Choose a unique name that stands apart from other rave parties. There are already tons of rave party businesses out there. Why would someone choose yours over theirs?

Think about how you can incorporate your rave party business into your branding strategy. Is it something that you can trademark? Do you have a logo? Can you include your rave party business name somewhere on your packaging or promotional materials?

You can even consider creating a logo that incorporates your rave party business name. This way, you can give your logo some personality while still keeping your name front and center.

Now that you know what to look for in a great rave party business name, start brainstorming ideas. Be creative!

Thanks for reading and we hope this article helped you learn more about choosing a good rave party business name.

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